Commit 75185ca1 authored by hang yu's avatar hang yu
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more prm l2p investigations

parent e2ad2f8b
......@@ -495,11 +495,14 @@ def update_par_dict_from_data(freq, G_data, G_err, par_dict0,
# print(par_, '%e'%resi)
return resi
par=opt.minimize(get_resi, par0, method='Nelder-Mead',
# par=opt.minimize(get_resi, par0, method='Nelder-Mead',
# options={'disp': False,
# 'maxiter':int(n_par * 1000),
# 'fatol':1e-8,
# 'adaptive': True})
par=opt.minimize(get_resi, par0,
options={'disp': False,
'maxiter':int(n_par * 500),
'adaptive': True})
'maxiter':int(n_par * 1000)})
par_dict = pack_par_to_dict(par, n_zr, n_pr, n_zc, n_pc)
return par_dict
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