Commit 7ec58154 authored by Adam Mercer's avatar Adam Mercer

initial commit of ligo/base:el7

FROM sl:7
LABEL name="LIGO Base - Enterprise Linux 7" \
maintainer="Adam Mercer <>" \
date="20190821" \
support="Reference Platform"
# download and install standard repositories with LSCSoft Production enabled
RUN rpm -ivh && \
rpm -ivh && \
curl -s | bash && \
yum clean all && yum makecache
# configure extra repositories
RUN yum -y install \
bash-completion \
yum-priorities \
lscsoft-backports-config \
lscsoft-epel-config \
lscsoft-grid-config \
lscsoft-ius-config && \
yum clean all
This diff is collapsed.
# ligo/base
This is a base container from which other LIGO containers should be derived. It
does no more than install the repositories which contain LIGO software. It
should not be used as a build environment.
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