Verified Commit f99c14c5 authored by Adam Mercer's avatar Adam Mercer 💬 consistent quote usage

parent 4241db80
......@@ -77,13 +77,13 @@ def source_type(source):
source = pathlib.Path(source)
name =
if name.endswith(".src.rpm"):
if name.endswith('.src.rpm'):
return 'srcrpm'
if name.endswith(".spec"):
if name.endswith('.spec'):
return 'spec'
if name.endswith(".tar") or source.stem.endswith(".tar"):
if name.endswith('.tar') or source.stem.endswith('.tar'):
return 'tarball'
if str(source).startswith(("git+https", "git+ssh")):
if str(source).startswith(('git+https', 'git+ssh')):
return 'git'
raise ValueError(
"failed to determine source type for '{0}'".format(source),
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