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update macos supported versions

the last three major macOS version are supported by Apple, warn that the
macOS version is unsuppported for older releases
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# -*- mode: autoconf; -*-
# lalsuite_build.m4 - top level build macros
# serial 159
# serial 160
# restrict which LALSUITE_... patterns can appearing in output (./configure);
# useful for debugging problems with unexpanded LALSUITE_... Autoconf macros
......@@ -990,13 +990,12 @@ AS_IF([test "x${osx_version_check}" = "xtrue"],[
AS_IF([test "x$build_vendor" = "xapple"],[
AS_IF([test "x$SW_VERS" != "x"],[
AC_MSG_CHECKING([Mac OS X version])
AC_MSG_CHECKING([macOS version])
MACOSX_VERSION=`$SW_VERS -productVersion`
[10.0*|10.1|10.1.*|10.2*|10.3*],AC_MSG_ERROR([This version of Mac OS X is not supported]),
AC_MSG_WARN([Unknown Mac OS X version]))
AC_MSG_WARN([This version of macOS is not supported])
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