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      snglcoinc: fix some bugs · 27bb129e
      Kipp Cannon authored
      symptom:  string search fails to form triples from doubles approximately 50% of the time (50% of the triples are missing);  the inspiral search has no problem but the code is identical;  the only obvious difference between them is that the inspiral search is generally run with offset vectors containing only +ve offsets while the string search is run with +ve and -ve offsets.
      I'm not exactly sure which of these issues was the culprit, but the following issues were found and fixed and the problem in the string search was fixed:
      - when constructing doubles, construct and return all doubles containing events that can pass coincidence with an event < the boundary time, not just doubles with one of their own events < boundary time (I believe this was the only real bug in the code)
      - that required adding a filter to the final output stage to remove coincs that do not contain at least one event < the requested boundary time.
      - when assigning offset vectors to graph nodes, only normalize the entire offset vector do not normalize the components assigned to component nodes
      - teach the singlesqueue's what their time slide offset is so they can report a t_coinc_complete that accounts for the offset (this wasn't a bug, it just makes the logic easier to understand)
      - provide each singlesqueue with a coinc window unique to that instrument (this doesn't fix a bug, it addresses a FIXME to reduce latency)
      - add lots of comments explaining how the algorithm works and change some variable names to help clarify what is happening at each stage
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      burca.py: a few tweaks · d9dd8b3a
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - pass +inf for t_complete instead of the time of the last event to guard against edge effects due to "<" vs "<=" issues in comparisons
      - apply ntuple_copmare() inside the coinc engine using the existing feature for this.
      - don't forget to pass --min-instruments to coinc engine
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      snglscoinc: rearrange class definition order · f92247db
      Kipp Cannon authored
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      snglcoinc.py: edit some documentation · 90f0270b
      Kipp Cannon authored
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      lalapps_thinca: address some bit-rot · 197cf60f
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - allow the segments defining "on" times to be set on the command line
      - make requesting a veto segment list that doesn't exist an error
      - edit some documentation
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      bucluster.py: fix some bit-rot · 2e75f988
      Kipp Cannon authored
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      lalburst: replace glue ProgressBar with tqdm · 3844bc53
      Kipp Cannon authored
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      Merge branch 'tilts_at_infinity_update' into 'master' · e5dbe317
      Maria Haney authored
      Small update to tilts_at_infinity
      See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!1651
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      tilts_at_infinity: Updating arXiv number placeholder for the paper to the... · 548c926d
      Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel authored
      tilts_at_infinity: Updating arXiv number placeholder for the paper to the actual number, updating an equation number, and fixing a small bug
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