Commit 1bc2324f authored by alex codoreanu's avatar alex codoreanu
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parent 5de02649
......@@ -1331,7 +1331,8 @@ class Bank(object):
b0dict.setdefault(sampleRate / M, []).append(
b0[i] * M**0.5 * a1[i]**(newdelay * M - delay[i]))
delaydict.setdefault(sampleRate / M, []).append(newdelay)"sampleRate %4.0d, filter %3.0d, M %2.0d, f %10.9f, delay %d, newdelay %d" %
# (sampleRate, i, M, f, delay[i], newdelay))
a1dict[int(sampleRate)] = a1
b0dict[int(sampleRate)] = b0
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