Commit 4a56ee71 authored by Manoj Kovalam's avatar Manoj Kovalam Committed by Manoj Kovalam
Browse files Add Network SNR to gracedb page instead of Coherent SNR.

parent 88cbaadc
......@@ -936,7 +936,13 @@ class CoincsDocFromPostcoh(object):
row.mass = trigger.mtotal
row.end_time = trigger.end_time
row.coinc_event_id = "coinc_event:coinc_event_id:1"
row.snr = trigger.cohsnr
#Manoj: add Network SNR to sngl_inspiral table instead of Coherent SNR. Change is reflected on gracedb event page.
#row.snr = trigger.cohsnr
network_snr2 = 0
for ifo in re.findall('..', trigger.ifos):
network_snr2 += (getattr(trigger, "snglsnr_%s" % ifo[0]))**2
network_snr = numpy.sqrt(network_snr2) ##network_snr = sqrt(H**2 + L**2 + V**2)
row.snr = network_snr
row.end_time_ns = trigger.end_time_ns
row.combined_far = trigger.far
row.ifos = ','.join(re.findall('..',trigger.ifos)) #FIXME: for more complex detector names
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