Commit c023b1f0 authored by Alex Codoreanu's avatar Alex Codoreanu
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Merge branch 'spiir-production-Manoj' into 'master'

Update with gracedb flag 'reload_certificate'.

See merge request lscsoft/spiir!8
parents dd8616ed 3ac42514
......@@ -468,7 +468,7 @@ class FinalSink(object):
self.gracedb_offline_annote = False
if GraceDb:
self.gracedb_client = GraceDb(gracedb_service_url)
self.gracedb_client = GraceDb(gracedb_service_url, reload_certificate=True)
# keep a record of segments and is snapshotted
# our segments is determined by if incoming buf is GAP
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