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      New feature: · b9612a2c
      Qi Chu authored
      Bypass low-sensitivity IFOs in postcoh trigger formation;
       the bypassed IFOs will be used to find corresponding SNRs for postcoh triggers.
      Code changes:
      Online pipeline interface change (gstlal_inspiral_postcohspiir_online):
      add one option --cuda-postcoh-parti-ifos to indicate participating IFOs in postcoh, e.g. H1L1
      (default). The left-out IFOs from the option --iir-bank setting will be bypassed and
      only used for SNRs. E.g. --iir-bank setting: --iir-bank H1:H1bank,L1:L1bank,V1:L1bank,K1:K1bank.
      One new plugin to attach SNRs from less sensitive IFOs to the postcoh trigger: trigger_jointer.
      Pipeline assembly code changed to put this new plugin in the right place.
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    • Thomas Almeida's avatar
      postcohtable: Remove detector names from table · 8ff7b39c
      Thomas Almeida authored
      This change removes detector names from the various data structures that
      are used throughout the pipeline and ensures that all pointers into the
      data structures have their offsets based upon the number of
      Previously, adding support for an additional interferometer to the
      pipeline would involve modifying all of the below files, and would often
      require extensive testing to ensure that the massive number of changes
      that would need to be done would be correct.
      With these changes, when adding interferometers, the only file that
      needs to be changed is `gstlal-spiir/include/pipe_macro.h`, with the
      modification of `MAX_NIFO`, `IFOMap` and `IFOComboMap`. By changing
      these variables, the next compilation of the pipeline will automatically
      support the new interferometer.
      -- Tom Almeida
    • Qi Chu's avatar
      Merge branch 'feat/improve-icombomap' into 'master' · 3dd4a5ac
      Qi Chu authored
      Improve IFOComboMap to be powers of two and reduce size of cohfar's XML output
      See merge request lscsoft/spiir!9
    • Thomas Almeida's avatar
      cohfar: Reduce the size of outputted XML files by only using active IFOs · 6f7f2e00
      Thomas Almeida authored
      Previously, every possible combination of existing IFO was outputted as
      a part of the XML dump from `cohfar`. This meant that the size of the
      XML dump wasn't tied to the actual number of IFOs in use, and would
      continue to exponentially increase in size as we increased the number of
      IFOs that might be in play (e.g. KAGRA, LIGO-India, etc.).
      To solve this, we have moved to using the total combination (as an index
      into IFOComboMap) as a store of the active IFOs, and using
      `__builtin_popcount()` to get the total number of IFOs that are in use
      in that combination. This means that we can quickly and efficiently
      determine the maximum number of detectors that we actually need to print
      stats for, with no additional information required.
      -- Tom Almeida
    • Qi Chu's avatar
      Merge branch 'dynamic_bank_generation_class' into 'master' · 5eeaf033
      Qi Chu authored
      Dynamic bank generation class
      See merge request lscsoft/spiir!11
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    • Thomas Almeida's avatar
      pipe_macro: Make IFOComboMap index with bits indicating which IFOs are being used · b4f563eb
      Thomas Almeida authored
      Previously IFOComboMap was indexed as [single detector, two detectors,
      three detectors, ...]. This means that checking to see how many and
      which detectors are in use can't be easily done without referring back
      to the table, and any changes to the table can potentially break other
      parts of the code.
      This patch changes IFOComboMap to be indexed by powers of two. That
      means that any index of (2^i - 1) is a single detector, indicated by
      index into IFOMap. Now when using IFOComboMap, the number of detectors
      in use can be determined using `__builtin_popcount(icombo + 1)`, and
      whether a single detector is in use can be done with the check `index &
      (icombo + 1)`.
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