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Version 0.3.2

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Minor bug fix.
- Corrects a bug in the PESummary call which prevented spin evolution being correctly calculated.
Minor bug-fixes.
......@@ -148,6 +148,9 @@ class Pipeline():
"--nsamples_for_skymap", config.get('pesummary', 'skymap_samples'),
"--evolve_spins", "True",
"--multi_process", "4",
"--approximant", self.production.meta['approximant'],
"--f_low", str(min(self.production.meta['quality']['lower-frequency'].values())),
"--f_ref", str(self.production.meta['quality']['reference-frequency']),
"--regenerate", "redshift mass_1_source mass_2_source chirp_mass_source total_mass_source final_mass_source final_mass_source_non_evolved radiated_energy",
"--config", os.path.join(, self.category, configfile)]
# Samples
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