Commit 3f2fbdef authored by Brandon Piotrzkowski's avatar Brandon Piotrzkowski

Remove space FAR and combined skymap until they are supported

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......@@ -65,12 +65,6 @@
<Param dataType="float" name="Time_Coincidence_FAR" ucd="arith.rate;stat.falsealarm" unit="Hz" value="1e-16">
<Description>Estimated coincidence false alarm rate in Hz using timing</Description>
<Param dataType="float" name="Time_Sky_Position_Coincidence_FAR" ucd="arith.rate;stat.falsealarm" unit="Hz" value="1e-18">
<Description>Estimated coincidence false alarm rate in Hz using timing and sky position</Description>
<Param name="joint_skymap_fits" dataType="string" value=",0" ucd="meta.ref.url">
<Description>Combined GW-External Sky Map FITS</Description>
<Description>Properties of joint coincidence found by RAVEN</Description>
<Group name="GW_SKYMAP" type="GW_SKYMAP">
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