Commit 72a0441b authored by Jameson Rollins's avatar Jameson Rollins

remove the NONE pseudo-state from the REQUEST_ENUM

This small change just prevents this pseudo state from showing up in the
drop-down menu.  The state is still requestable, and none of associated
logic is modified.
parent 4c819122
......@@ -364,6 +364,6 @@ class Database(object):
enum = system.request_states[:const.REQUEST_STATE_LIMIT]
# always add NONE state
index['NONE'] = dict(const.RESERVED_STATES)['NONE']
enum += ('NONE',)
# enum += ('NONE',)
self._cas.update_state_index(index, init=init)
return self._cas.update_request_enum(enum, init=init)
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