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Bump to version 5.0.3

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Changes for 5.0.3
- Build models as a library with python interface for faster, easier testing on a workstation. Run models on your laptop.
- Detect errors in Simulink files that could lead to incorrect model behavior e.g. models wired to the wrong parts.
- Handle multiple fast adcs (525 kHz) in one front end.
- New Gaussian Noise part.
- New combo Demodulation/Decimation parts.
- Support new Dolphin PX reflected memory: PX allows more nodes and is available for purchase.
- Duotone diagnostic check at nano-second resolution
- LLO mid station timing info corrected when using LIGO timing card
- Get rid of burt restore check
- Timing error if GPS synch lost
- Improved logging allows models to print debug messages while running.
- Fixes bug in time_shift when a fast ADC is first ADC.
- awgtpman will detect and connect with older interfaces.
- Many subtle race conditions fixed.
- Works on stock kernel.
- Works with Debian 11 and Debian 10.
- Simultaneous build of models.
- Lots of code cleanup.
- Build system is much cleaner and more rational.
Changes for 4.2.8
- fixed issue where two testpoints couldn't be opened at the same time from the same model
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
// Set to 1 for release version, 0 for development version
// When 0, causes version number to be displayed as negative on MEDM screens
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