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Commit 3ac957bd authored by Anchal Gupta's avatar Anchal Gupta

Used latest RIN to update photothermal noise

parent f8b6399f
Name: CTN_Noise_Budget_Diff_Loss_Angles_v4
temp: 305.0+/-1.0 # K
cavLen: 0.03683+/-0.00025 # m
lam: 1.064e-06 # m
pdhModInd: 0.300+/-0.05
cavVis: 0.35+/-0.05
powInc: 0.00950+/-0.00050 # W
finesse: (1.50+/-0.10)e+04
roc: 1.000+/-0.005 # m
mirRad: 0.01270+/-0.00025 # m, Radius of Mirrors
nom: 4 # Number of Mirrors
nol: 57 # Number of Layers in mirror
nob: 2 # Number of beams
fhigh: 10000.0 # Hz
flow: 0.1 # Hz
fnop: 500
qwl: False
structure: OptimizedCoatingStackv4.csv # Has different Loss Angles
# Description
# Using 1e-4 for bulk loss angle to create a simple point of comparison.
# phi_bulk = (1 +/- 0.1)*1e-4
# phi_shear = (2.1 +/- 2.1)*1e-7
# Actual value is 0.00 with upper limit +5.1e-7 and lower limit 0.0
# on the South and North cavities respectively.
# Using new RIN Noise data
# Everything else same as SavedPSDs_20200213.
import numpy as np
from uncertainties import ufloat as uf
from uncertainties import unumpy as unp
from noiseBudgetModule import noiseBudget
import argparse
import yaml
import time
def main(args):
dataFiles = {}
if args.dataFiles is not None:
with open(args.dataFiles,'r') as df:
dataFiles = yaml.full_load(df)
defaultNoneKeys = ['pllOsc', 'Seismic', 'RINfiles', 'pdhLTI', 'pllRead']
for key in defaultNoneKeys:
if key not in list(dataFiles.keys()):
dataFiles[key] = None
start = time.time()
nosbud = noiseBudget(params=args.paramFile)
if dataFiles['RINfiles'] is not None:
if isinstance(dataFiles['RINfiles'], list):
print('Using {fn1}\n and {fn2}\n for Photothermal '
'Noise Calculation'.format(fn1=dataFiles['RINfiles'][0],
print('Using {fn} for Photothermal '
'Noise Calculation.'.format(fn=dataFiles['RINfiles']))
coatAbs = uf(6,1)*1e-6 #From previous notebook
nosbud.calculatePhotoThermalNoise(dataFiles['RINfiles'], coatAbs)
if dataFiles['pllOsc'] is not None:
# PLL Oscillation Noise
ff = nosbud.freq
print('Using {fn}\n for PLL Oscillation '
#Start of data loading code
pllOscData = np.loadtxt(dataFiles['pllOsc'])
pllOscFreq = pllOscData[:,0]
pllOscASD = pllOscData[:,1]
pllOscPSDlb = np.interp(ff, pllOscFreq, pllOscData[:,2]**2)
pllOscPSDub = np.interp(ff, pllOscFreq, pllOscData[:,3]**2)
pllOscPSD = np.interp(ff, pllOscFreq, pllOscASD**2)
#End of data laoding code
nosbud.PSDList['pllOsc'] = [pllOscPSD, ff,
'Moku Frequency Noise',
pllOscPSDlb, pllOscPSDub]
# PLL Readout Noise
if dataFiles['pllRead'] is not None:
ff = nosbud.freq
pllReadoutNoiseData = np.loadtxt(dataFiles['pllRead'])
pllReadPSD = np.interp(ff, pllReadoutNoiseData[:, 0],
pllReadoutNoiseData[:, 1]**2)
nosbud.PSDList['pllReadout'] = [pllReadPSD, ff,
'PLL Electronic Reaodut Noise' ]
if dataFiles['Seismic'] is not None:
# Seismic Noise
ff = nosbud.freq
cavLen = nosbud.cavLen
fConv = nosbud.fConv
# Start of data loading and calculation code.
import as scio
def mechTF(ff, f0, Q):
return 1/(1+1j*ff/(f0*Q)-(ff/f0)**2)
# from a Guralp
print('Using {fn}\n for Seismic '
'Noise Calculation.'.format(fn=dataFiles['Seismic']))
seisData = scio.loadmat(dataFiles['Seismic'])
# unfloated vertical velocity, m/(s * Hz**0.5)
seisFreq, seisVel = seisData['f_ver'][:,0], seisData['uf_ver'][:,2]
seisAcc = np.interp(ff, seisFreq, seisVel * 2*np.pi*seisFreq)
fStack1 = 10.7 # Hz
QStack1 = 15
fStack2 = 35.4 # Hz
QStack2 = 8
fSpring = 5.2 # Hz
QSpring = 10
stackTF = mechTF(ff, fStack1, QStack1) * mechTF(ff, fStack2, QStack2)
springTF = mechTF(ff, fSpring, QSpring)
seisTF = stackTF*springTF
seisCouple = 6e-12 * cavLen # m / (m s**-2)
seismicPSD = (seisAcc * np.abs(seisTF))**2
seismicPSD = (unp.uarray(seismicPSD, seismicPSD/50**0.5)
* seisCouple**2 * fConv**2) # Hz/sqrt(Hz)
# End of data loading and calculation code
nosbud.PSDList['seismic'] = [seismicPSD, ff, 'Seismic Noise' ]
if dataFiles['pdhLTI'] is not None:
ff = nosbud.freq
# Start of data loading and calculation code.
import json
import scipy.signal
# NPRO free-running frequency noise ASD:
# Willke et al., Opt. Lett. vol 25 no 14
# PDH OLTFs: ctn:1504
nproFreeASD = 10**4/ff # Hz/Hz**0.5
print('Using {fn1}\n and {fn2}\n for Residual NPRO '
'Noise Calculation.'.format(fn1=dataFiles['pdhLTI'][0],
# Load vector-fitted versions of PDH OLTF data
with open(dataFiles['pdhLTI'][0], 'r') as fnorth:
pdhNorthDict = json.load(fnorth)
with open(dataFiles['pdhLTI'][1], 'r') as fsouth:
pdhSouthDict = json.load(fsouth)
pdhNorthZpk = ((np.array(pdhNorthDict['zeros.real'])
pdhSouthZpk = ((np.array(pdhSouthDict['zeros.real'])
pdhNorthLTI = scipy.signal.lti(*pdhNorthZpk)
pdhSouthLTI = scipy.signal.lti(*pdhSouthZpk)
_, pdhNorthMag, pdhNorthPha = pdhNorthLTI.bode(w=2*np.pi*ff)
_, pdhSouthMag, pdhSouthPha = pdhSouthLTI.bode(w=2*np.pi*ff)
pdhNorthMag = 10**(pdhNorthMag/20)
pdhSouthMag = 10**(pdhSouthMag/20)
northResidFreqPSD = (nproFreeASD / pdhNorthMag)**2
southResidFreqPSD = (nproFreeASD / pdhSouthMag)**2
residFreqPSD = northResidFreqPSD + southResidFreqPSD
# End of data loading and calculation code
nosbud.PSDList['resNPRO'] = [residFreqPSD , ff,
'Residual NPRO noise'];
print('All calculations finished.')
print(time.time()-start, 's Elapsed.')
print('Saving data...')
# Save all PSD data
nosbud.savePSD(saveList='all', filename = args.filename);
print(time.time()-start, 's Elapsed.')
def grabInputArgs():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='This script runs noiseBudget calculations for a given '
'noise budget configuration file, coating structure file '
'and other required files.')
group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
group.add_argument('paramFile', nargs='?',
help='The parameter file for the budget',
parser.add_argument('--dataFiles', help='Data files for some '
'noise contributions',
parser.add_argument('-f', '--filename', help='Stem of output filename'
'where PSD data will be saved.', default=None)
return parser.parse_args()
if __name__ == "__main__":
args = grabInputArgs()
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pllOsc: ../../../ctn_labdata/data/20190617_MokuFreqNoiseAnalysis/MokuSelfFreqNoiseLongCablePhasemeterData_20190617_180030_ASD.txt
Seismic: ../psl_seis_2011_10_05.mat
- ../../../ctn_labdata/data/20200302_ISS_RIN_Max_ISS/NRIN_Data_2020-03-03.txt
- ../../../ctn_labdata/data/20200302_ISS_RIN_Max_ISS/SRIN_Data_2020-03-03.txt
- ../pdhNorthLTI.json
- ../pdhSouthLTI.json
pllRead: ../../../ctn_labdata/data/20200213_BNDetectDarkNoise/BN_SN101_Dark_Noise_at_200mVpkpk_Reaching_Moku.txt
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