Commit ad555629 authored by Karl Wette's avatar Karl Wette

Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

Replace query for octave_prefix: -p PREFIX becomes -p OCTAVE_HOME

See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!625
parents ee7049e6 d30540cf
......@@ -329,7 +329,12 @@ AC_DEFUN([LALSUITE_USE_SWIG_OCTAVE],[
# is installed in the same directory as Octave, .oct files will be found by
# Octave without having to add to OCTAVE_PATH
AC_MSG_CHECKING([${OCTAVE} .oct installation directory])
octave_prefix=[`${octave_cfg} -p PREFIX 2>/dev/null | ${SED} -e 's|/*$||'`]
# at least in Debian Buster, "HOME" has been dropped in favour of "OCTAVE_HOME"
octave_prefix=[`${octave_cfg} -p OCTAVE_HOME 2>/dev/null | ${SED} -e 's|/*$||'`]
# fallback if OCTAVE_HOME is yet unknown
AS_IF([test "x${octave_prefix}" = x],[
octave_prefix=[`${octave_cfg} -p PREFIX 2>/dev/null | ${SED} -e 's|/*$||'`]
octexecdir=[`${octave_cfg} -p LOCALVEROCTFILEDIR 2>/dev/null | ${SED} -e 's|/*$||'`]
octexecdir=[`echo ${octexecdir} | ${SED} -e "s|^${octave_prefix}/||"`]
AS_IF([test "x`echo ${octexecdir} | ${SED} -n -e '\|^/|p'`" != x],[
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