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    Weave: always record whether coherent results have been recomputed · 72a2f9cb
    Karl Wette authored
    - For easier diagnosis of cache problems
    - Use new LALBitset structure to (hopefully) do this efficiently
    - FITS output changes:
      - NCOHRES: number of computed coherent results
      - NCOHTPL: number of coherent templates
      - NSEMITPL: number of semicoherent templates (was NSEMIRES)
      - above keywords only output when not checkpointing
      - remove NCOHFBK, resampling timing model doesn't need this
      - remove coh_n1comp and coh_n1recomp fields from misc info table
    - Update test scripts
    Original lalsuite-weave: 65716bae6941bfb59398ac33bbd274a68b0038f3
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