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Commit a3d64f81 authored by Leo Pound Singer's avatar Leo Pound Singer Committed by Leo Pound Singer

ligo-skymap-unflatten must sort by UNIQ column

parent bd805959
......@@ -33,6 +33,10 @@ Changelog
- Bump matplotlib version to >= 3.0.2 because of a bug that affected
- The ``ligo-skymap-unflatten`` tool will now write multiresolution sky maps
with pixels supported by the ``UNIQ`` column, as required by the standard
multi-order coverage map serialization in FITS.
0.1.7 (2019-04-24)
......@@ -466,6 +466,7 @@ def derasterize(skymap):
for old_unit, column in zip(old_units, skymap.columns.values()):
column.unit = old_unit
skymap.add_column(Column(uniq, name='UNIQ'), 0)
return skymap
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