Commit 8455f92e authored by Dave Dykstra's avatar Dave Dykstra
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add link to autofs.service.wants

parent 9991ad5a
......@@ -9,9 +9,11 @@ install:
$(DESTDIR)/etc/cvmfs/config.d \
$(DESTDIR)/etc/cvmfs/keys/ \
$(DESTDIR)/lib/systemd/system \
$(DESTDIR)/lib/systemd/system/autofs.service.wants \
cp 60-osg.conf $(DESTDIR)/etc/cvmfs/default.d
cp $(DESTDIR)/etc/cvmfs/config.d
cp $(DESTDIR)/etc/cvmfs/keys/
cp cvmfs-config-osg.service $(DESTDIR)/lib/systemd/system
ln -s ../cvmfs-config-osg.service $(DESTDIR)/lib/systemd/system/autofs.service.wants/cvmfs-config-osg.service
cp cvmfs-config-osgd $(DESTDIR)/usr/sbin
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