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### Debian
For Debian, the End-user instructions are to install cvmfs from
[the cvmfs download page](
and this package from
Then if you want to enable autofs, add the following contents
into /etc/auto.master.d/cvmfs.autofs:
Create a file named `/etc/apt/sources.list.d/cvmfs.list` with these contents
/cvmfs /etc/auto.cvmfs
deb ligo main
and restart autofs with
Then install CVMFS with the following command:
systemctl restart autofs
sudo apt-get install cvmfs cvmfs-x509-helper`
and also enable and start the cvmfs-config-osg service with:
You should now be able to run
systemctl enable cvmfs-config-osg
systemctl start cvmfs-config-osg
ligo-proxy-init albert.einstein
ls /cvmfs/
That service will start a daemon to make sure that the configuration
repository /cvmfs/ stays mounted,
which is necessary to work around a Debian bug that causes autofs to
hang if a recursive automount is attempted.
The configuration installed during these steps is only appropriate for the
light traffic one might expect from single clients. LIGO computing site
adminstrators should follow [these instructions](
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