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Started adding documentation for the new gpytorch models.

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GPyTorch-based models
A number of models implemented in ``heron`` make use of ``pytorch`` and the GPR library built atop it, ``gpytorch``.
These models can be used on both CPU and GPU hardware.
All of these models are contained within the `heron.models.torchbased` module.
HeronCUDA : A spinning, NR-trained, GPU-capable surrogate model
| Training data | GPR Technique | Model type | Spinning | Higher modes |
| NR: Georgia Tech | Exact, LOVE, CUDA | BBH | Fully | No |
The model is trained on `numerical relativity waveforms <>`_ produced by the Centre for Relativistic Astrophysics at Georgia Tech, and uses exact scalable GPR techniques implemented by `GPyTorch <>`_.
.. autoclass:: heron.models.torchbased.HeronCUDA
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