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ci: use conda to render docs

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......@@ -4,13 +4,27 @@
# Build and deploy the Doxygen documentation.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# https://computing.docs.ligo.org/gitlab-ci-templates/
- project: computing/gitlab-ci-templates
# https://computing.docs.ligo.org/gitlab-ci-templates/conda/
file: conda.yml
image: igwn/lalsuite-dev:bullseye
image: igwn/base:conda
# https://computing.docs.ligo.org/gitlab-ci-templates/conda/#.conda:base
extends: .conda:base
stage: documentation
needs: []
- !reference [".conda:base", "before_script"]
# install conda environment
- mamba env create -n lalsuite-docs -q -f common/conda/environment.yml
- mamba install -y -q -n lalsuite-docs --no-deps python-ligo-lw
- conda activate lalsuite-docs
- ./00boot
- ./configure --enable-doxygen --prefix=$(pwd)/_inst
- ./configure --enable-sphinx --prefix=$(pwd)/_inst
- make -j${CPU_COUNT} install-html
- mv _inst/share/doc html
- cd html
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