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lalsimulation: fix conda build for liblalsimulation-swig.la

which needs to be addressed separately in a split build

[ci conda]
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......@@ -35,12 +35,16 @@ export GSL_LIBS="-L${PREFIX}/lib -lgsl"
${SRC_DIR}/configure \
--disable-doxygen \
--disable-swig-iface \
--enable-openmp \
--enable-python \
--enable-swig-python \
--prefix="${PREFIX}" \
# build the python->c->python interface
make -j ${CPU_COUNT} V=1 VERBOSE=1 -C lib liblalsimulation-swig.la
# patch out dependency_libs from libtool archive to prevent overlinking
# of the C library dependencies to the SWIG library
sed -i.tmp '/^dependency_libs/d' lib/lib${PKG_NAME##*-}.la
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