Commit b883721a authored by Duncan Macleod's avatar Duncan Macleod
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lalinference.lalinference_pipe_utils: fix bug

in handling custom memory request for computeroqweights
parent ab5d95cb
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......@@ -3397,7 +3397,7 @@ class ROMJob(LALInferenceDAGSharedFSJob, pipeline.CondorDAGJob,pipeline.Analysis
if cp.has_option('engine', 'approx'):
self.add_arg('-a ' + str(cp.get('engine', 'approx')))
if cp.has_option('condor','computeroqweights_memory'):
required_memory = str(cp.get('condor','computeroqweights_memory'))
roq_dir = cp.get('paths','roq_b_matrix_directory')
params = np.genfromtxt(os.path.join(roq_dir, 'params.dat'), names=True)
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