Commit a220e5e1 authored by Leo Pound Singer's avatar Leo Pound Singer
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Work around Celery application state issues by nuking cached properties, reordering tests

Co-authored-by: default avatarcmessick <>
Co-authored-by: default avatarShaon Ghosh <>
Co-authored-by: default avatarGeoffrey Mo <>
Co-authored-by: default avatarzadadam <>
Co-authored-by: default avatarsantier14 <>
parent 11258598
from contextlib import contextmanager
from unittest import mock
from import UnitLogging
import celery.backends.cache
import pytest
from pytest_socket import disable_socket
......@@ -12,14 +12,26 @@ from .process import starter # noqa: F401
def nuke_celery_backend():
"""Clear the cached Celery backend.
Some of our tests switch backend URLs. In order for the switch to take
effect, we need to make sure that the cached backed object has been reset.
The Celery application object caches a lot of instance members that are
affected by the application configuration. Since we are changing the
configuration between tests, we need to make sure that all of the cached
application state is reset.
FIXME: The pytest celery plugin does not seem like it is really designed
to use a pre-existing application object; it seems like it is designed to
create a test application.
del app._local.backend
except AttributeError:
app._pool = None
for key in ['Worker', 'WorkController', 'Beat', 'Task', 'annotation',
'AsyncResult', 'ResultSet', 'GroupResult', 'oid', 'amqp',
'control', 'events', 'loader', 'log']:
del app.__dict__[key]
except KeyError:
......@@ -41,7 +53,7 @@ def update_celery_config():
def noop_celery_config(reset_celery_backend, update_celery_config):
"""Ensure that the Celery app is disconnected from live services."""
......@@ -97,5 +109,29 @@ def fake_legacy_gracedb_client(monkeypatch):
monkeypatch.setattr('gwcelery.tasks.legacy_gracedb.client', mock_client)
def pytest_runtest_setup():
def pytest_configure(config):
'markers', 'live_worker: run test using a live Celery worker')
def pytest_collection_modifyitems(session, config, items):
# FIXME: We are reordering the tests so that the ones that use a live
# celery worker run last. Otherwise, they cause problems with other
# tests that use the 'caplog' fixture. We don't understand why this is.
# Remove this hack if and when we figure it out.
items[:] = sorted(
key=lambda item: item.get_closest_marker('live_worker') is not None)
def pytest_runtest_setup(item):
def maybe_celery_worker(request):
if request.node.get_closest_marker('live_worker') is None:
fixture = 'noop_celery_config'
fixture = 'celery_worker'
......@@ -82,7 +82,8 @@ def mock_condor_submit(monkeypatch):
monkeypatch.setattr('', mock_run)
def test_check_output_error_on_submit(celery_worker, monkeypatch):
def test_check_output_error_on_submit(monkeypatch):
"""Test capturing an error from condor_submit."""
accounting_group = ''
cmd = ('sleep', '1')
......@@ -100,14 +101,16 @@ def test_check_output_error_on_submit(celery_worker, monkeypatch):
assert exc_info.value.output == msg
def test_check_output_aborted(celery_worker, mock_condor_submit_aborted):
def test_check_output_aborted(mock_condor_submit_aborted):
"""Test a job that is aborted."""
result = condor.check_output.delay(['sleep', '1'])
with pytest.raises(condor.JobAborted):
def test_check_output_fails(celery_worker, mock_condor_submit):
def test_check_output_fails(mock_condor_submit):
"""Test a job that immediately fails."""
result = condor.check_output.delay(['sleep', '--foo="bar bat"', '1'])
with pytest.raises(condor.JobFailed) as exc_info:
......@@ -115,14 +118,16 @@ def test_check_output_fails(celery_worker, mock_condor_submit):
assert exc_info.value.returncode == 1
@pytest.mark.skip("This test isn't working yet.")
def test_check_output_running(celery_worker, mock_condor_submit_running):
def test_check_output_running(mock_condor_submit_running):
result = condor.check_output.delay(['sleep', '1'])
with pytest.raises(condor.JobRunning):
def test_check_output_succeeds(celery_worker, mock_condor_submit):
def test_check_output_succeeds(mock_condor_submit):
"""Test a job that immediately succeeds."""
result = condor.check_output.delay(['sleep', '1'])
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