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Remove design document section about eternal tasks

There are no more eternal tasks. The LVAlert listener is run as
a bootstep, embedded in a worker.
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......@@ -283,26 +283,15 @@ of several processes:
8. **General-Purpose Worker**
A Celery worker that accepts all other tasks.
A Celery worker that accepts all other tasks. This worker also runs an
:doc:`embedded LVAlert listener service <gwcelery.lvalert>` that is started
and stopped as a bootstep.
9. **Flask Web Application**
A web application that provides forms to manually initiate certain tasks,
including sending an update alert or creating a mock event.
Eternal tasks
GWCelery has a few long-running tasks that do not return because they have to
keep open a persistent connection with some external service. These tasks are
subclasses of :class:`celery_eternal.EternalTask` or
* :meth:`gwcelery.tasks.lvalert.listen`
These tasks run inside the general-purpose worker process described above,
and are automatically started (and restarted as necessary) by Celery Beat.
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