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Fix numpydoc style for optional args

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......@@ -73,19 +73,19 @@ class LVAlertClient(slixmpp.ClientXMPP):
username : str (optional)
username : str, optional
The XMPP username, or :obj:`None` to look up from the netrc_ file.
password : str (optional)
password : str, optional
The XMPP password, or :obj:`None` to look up from the netrc_ file.
resource : str (optional)
resource : str, optional
The XMPP resource ID, or :obj:`None` to generate a random one.
netrc : str (optional)
netrc : str, optional
The netrc_ file. The default is to consult the ``NETRC`` environment
variable or use the default path of ``~/.netrc``.
interactive : bool (optional)
interactive : bool, optional
If :obj:`True`, then fall back to asking for the password on the
command line if necessary.
server : str (optional)
server : str, optional
The LVAlert server hostname.
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