Commit 6c3bcf66 authored by Evan Goetz's avatar Evan Goetz

Fix the case where only one SFT needs to be selected

iStart would = iEnd in this case, but the logic would not allow
any catalog to be output.
This should be safe because the function XLALFindTimesliceBounds outputs
iEnd=0 and iStart=1 if there are any errors finding overlap or SFTs in range
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......@@ -1942,7 +1942,7 @@ int XLALSFTCatalogTimeslice(
// If not empty: set timeslice of SFT catalog
if ( iStart < iEnd )
if ( iStart <= iEnd )
slice->length = iEnd - iStart + 1;
slice->data = &catalog->data[iStart];
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