Commit ea14eec1 authored by Vivien Raymond's avatar Vivien Raymond

Merge branch 'lalinf_pipe_no_restrict_queue' into 'master'

lalinference_pipe: Do not ENFORCE the use of a queue if it is specified in the .sub file

See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!1435
parents 6b702ede 780d597a
......@@ -2217,7 +2217,9 @@ class LALInferenceDAGJob(pipeline.CondorDAGJob):
if cp.has_option('condor','queue'):
self.add_requirement('(TARGET.'+cp.get('condor','queue')+' =?= True)')
# The following line means the jobs will run ONLY on the specified queue
# Disabled to allow priority_pe jobs to also run on general resources
# self.add_requirement('(TARGET.'+cp.get('condor','queue')+' =?= True)')
if self.transfer_files:
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