Commit e2223c7d authored by Rolf Bork's avatar Rolf Bork
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Reinstated sync support for systems using 1PPS signal. This had inadvertently been removed.

git-svn-id: 6dcd42c9-f523-4c6d-aada-af552506706e
parent 408740cd
......@@ -1584,7 +1584,6 @@ udelay(1000);
#if 0
// Try synching to 1PPS on ADC[0][31] if not using IRIG-B or TDS
// Only try for 1 sec.
......@@ -1611,7 +1610,6 @@ udelay(1000);
pLocalEpics->epicsOutput.timeErr = syncSource;
#ifdef ADC_SLAVE
// SLAVE gets its adc data from MASTER via ipc shared memory
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