Commit 26911645 authored by Daniel Toyra's avatar Daniel Toyra
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Printing stability parameter with message when cavity is unstable

parent edd39168
......@@ -4194,7 +4194,7 @@ void compute_cavity_params(void) {
warn(" WARNING!\n"
" cavity is unstable, cannot derive beam parameters\n");
} else {
warn("cavity %s is unstable, skipping it\n", cavity->name);
warn("cavity %s is unstable (m = %g), skipping it\n", cavity->name, cavity->stability_x);
......@@ -4392,8 +4392,8 @@ void compute_cavity_params(void) {
if (inter.trace & 2) {
message(" finesse : %g, round-trip power loss: %.8g [\%/100]\n",
cavity->finesse, cavity->loss);
message(" opt. length: %sm, FSR: %sHz\n",
xdouble_form(cavity->length), xdouble_form(cavity->FSR));
message(" opt. length: %sm, FSR: %sHz, m: %s\n",
xdouble_form(cavity->length), xdouble_form(cavity->FSR), xdouble_form(cavity->stability_x));
message(" FWHM: %sHz (pole: %sHz)\n",
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