Commit 2edf11fa authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown

updating bld

parent 90ea4e14
SET LookForFile="%SRC_DIR%\kat.exe"
chdir /d %SRC_DIR%
IF "%ARCH%"=="64" (
START /WAIT c:\msys64\mingw64 /bin/bash -c "cd $(cygpath '%SRC_DIR%') && ./ --build-win64"
c:\msys64\mingw64 /bin/bash ./ --build-win64
IF "%ARCH%"=="32" (
START /WAIT c:\msys64\mingw32 /bin/bash -c "cd $(cygpath '%SRC_DIR%') && ./ --build-win32"
c:\msys64\mingw32 /bin/bash ./ --build-win32
IF EXIST %LookForFile% GOTO FoundIt
TIMEOUT /T 2 >nul
GOTO CheckForFile
ECHO Found: %LookForFile%
xcopy %SRC_DIR%\kat.exe "%PREFIX%\bin\"
xcopy %SRC_DIR%\kat.ini "%PREFIX%\bin\"
......@@ -15,8 +32,8 @@ mkdir %PREFIX%\etc\conda\deactivate.d
type NUL > %PREFIX%\etc\conda\activate.d\finesse_vars.bat
type NUL > %PREFIX%\etc\conda\deactivate.d\finesse_vars.bat
echo SET KATINI=%CONDA_PREFIX%\bin\kat.ini >> %PREFIX%\etc\conda\activate.d\finesse_vars.bat
echo SET FINESSE_DIR=%CONDA_PREFIX%\bin >> %PREFIX%\etc\conda\activate.d\finesse_vars.bat
echo SET KATINI=%%CONDA_PREFIX%%\bin\kat.ini >> %PREFIX%\etc\conda\activate.d\finesse_vars.bat
echo SET FINESSE_DIR=%%CONDA_PREFIX%%\bin >> %PREFIX%\etc\conda\activate.d\finesse_vars.bat
echo SET KATINI= >> %PREFIX%\etc\conda\deactivate.d\finesse_vars.bat
echo SET FINESSE_DIR= >> %PREFIX%\etc\conda\deactivate.d\finesse_vars.bat
\ No newline at end of file
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