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More minus sign updates

parent 00bdbb56
......@@ -1577,7 +1577,7 @@ int set_k_mirror(int mirror_index) {
z_inc_z(&C[n][m], z_by_z(B[n][l], A[l][m]));
warn("surf %i%i -> %i%i %s , %s !\n", n1, m1, _n1, _m1, complex_form15(A[n][m]), complex_form15(B[n][m]));
//warn("surf %i%i -> %i%i %s , %s !\n", n1, m1, _n1, _m1, complex_form15(A[n][m]), complex_form15(B[n][m]));
......@@ -1189,11 +1189,13 @@ void fill_mirror_z_motion_coupling(int k, mirror_t *m, complex_t factor_a_x, com
complex_t **__restrict__ a2iu_x = m->a2i_x[k][suidx];
complex_t **__restrict__ a2ou_x = m->a2o_x[k][suidx];
complex_t fac_x_a = cminus(factor_x_a);
// as the motion to field elements are all in the same column
// we don't have to worry about the memory alignment, as we are using CCS
// matrix.
cblas_zgemv(CblasRowMajor, CblasNoTrans, inter.num_fields, inter.num_fields,
&factor_x_a, &(m->knm.k22[0][0]), inter.num_fields, ac_2i, 1, &complex_0, x_a2u[0], 1);
&fac_x_a, &(m->knm.k22[0][0]), inter.num_fields, ac_2i, 1, &complex_0, x_a2u[0], 1);
// optical field force from back 180 degrees vs forcing on front
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