Commit 9fe70aa8 authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown

adding output for roundtrip ABCD matrix elements in trace 2

parent b48996d8
......@@ -5084,7 +5084,10 @@ void compute_cavity_params(void) {
message(" FWHM: %sHz (pole: %sHz)\n",
message(" (x) A: %.8g B: %.8g C: %.8g D: %.8g\n", eigen_x.A, eigen_x.B, eigen_x.C, eigen_x.D);
message(" (y) A: %.8g B: %.8g C: %.8g D: %.8g\n", eigen_y.A, eigen_y.B, eigen_y.C, eigen_y.D);
if (cavity->stable) {
if (cavity->stability_x == cavity->stability_y) {
message(" RT Gouy: %s deg (mode sep.: %sHz)\n",
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