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adapting Windows part of the INTSALL file, TBC

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(\'".\| Frequency domain INterferomEter Simulation SoftwarE
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_=/d ,^\ 17.05.2014
_=/d ,^\ 05.11.2014
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......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ There are binaries available for several operating systems. After
downloading the appropriate package for your operating system from you can install FINESSE simply
by unpacking the zip (or tar.gz) file. This will create a directory
`Finesse2.0' with all the necessary files.
`Finesse2.1' with all the necessary files.
( Alternatively you can build FINESSE directly from the source code.
To find more about this, please visit
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ or Python installed. Furthermore you must tell FINESSE where to find
the Gnuplot or Python executable. This is done by editing the file
Unix/OS X:
You can easily find the Gnuplot executable with the command
`which gnuplot'. This should show the full path, e.g.
`/usr/bin/gnuplot'. Next open `kat.ini' with a text editor and
......@@ -118,58 +118,24 @@ Unix:
For any queries or problems please post us a quick message in our
Windows (no Cygwin installed):
Firstly you must move the FINESSE folder Finesse2.0 to a location on
your computer (such as "C:\Program Files\"). Then double click the
`install.bat` file. Running this will bring up a command window
to update your PATH variables. After this has been run you must
NOT move this Finesse folder, as the system PATH variable has been
set for this directory only. If you do move the folder then please
re-run install.bat.
Running install.bat will also attempt to find a gnuplot installation
on your computer and set up Finesse to work with it. If it does not
find one you will either have to install it first, and re-run install.bat,
or manually setup the kat.ini file to use you Gnutplot installation.
The best way to install gnuplot is with the Windows binary installer:
To install manually you need to specify the path to the Gnuplot executable
in the `kat.ini' file with the GNUCOMMAND variable. For this
you will have to determine the directory which points to
where gnuplot is installed. If you have a space in the path
where wgnuplot.exe is installed you need to use both ' and "
to encapsulate path when setting the GNUCOMMAND, for example:
GNUCOMMAND '"C:\Program Files\gnuplot\bin\Wgnuplot.exe" --persist'
else use for example:
GNUCOMMAND 'C:\gnuplot\bin\Wgnuplot.exe --persist'
Windows (Cygwin is already installed):
If you already have cygwin installed it is advisable to remove
the files cygwin1.dll and cygpath.exe from the Finesse2.0 folder
so that the files from your Cygwin installation will be used.
Alternatively it may be best to build a version of FINESSE with
your Cygwin installation. This is easy to do and instructions can be
found at:
You can now install Gnuplot, either via the Cygwin installer or by
downloaded the Gnuplot binary directly. You also need to set the
GNUCOMMAND variable in the kat.ini file as described above.
You can also find other tips as well as the gnuplot installation
Please install Gnuplot from:
You can use the findGnuplot.bat file to automatically search
and add the gnuplot command. If you have a space in the path to
gnuplot.exe you need to note use of ' and " to encapsulate
GNUCOMMAND '"C:\Program Files\gnuplot\bin\Wgnuplot.exe" --persist $s'
else use
GNUCOMMAND 'C:\gnuplot\bin\Wgnuplot.exe --persist $s'
From FINESSE version 2.1 and above the Windows version should show
gnuplot plots and allow them plots to be kept open and still use the
terminal. FINESSE will now internally use a combination of both
wgnuplot.exe and gnuplot.exe which it expects to be in the same path
as stated in the GNUCOMMAND, this is irrespective of which binary is
actually stated in the GNUCOMMAND variable.
Version 0.99.9 was the first public release of FINESSE designed to
work with Cygwin rather than just Windows alone, there may still be
bugs regarding the workflow or things that just don't make sense.
Please help us fix these by posting a quick message in our forum:
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