Commit 0133ff41 authored by Sean Leavey's avatar Sean Leavey

Add beam trace plot example

parent 1d594763
import finesse
model = finesse.parse("""
l L0 P=1
s s0 L0.p1 BS.p1 L=2.3
bs BS R=0.5 T=0.5
s s1 BS.p2 ITMx.p1 L=0.5
s s2 BS.p3 ITMy.p1 L=0.5
m ITMx R=0.99 T=0.01 Rc=-2.5
s sCAVx ITMx.p2 ETMx.p1 L=1
m ETMx R=0.99 T=0.01 Rc=2.4
m ITMy R=0.99 T=0.01 Rc=-2.5
s sCAVy ITMy.p2 ETMy.p1 L=1
m ETMy R=0.99 T=0.01 Rc=2.4
cav CAVx ITMx.p2.o ITMx.p2.i
cav CAVy ITMy.p2.o ITMy.p2.i
ifo = model.model
trace = ifo.beam_trace(store=False)
q_at_L0 = trace[ifo.L0.p1.o].qx
xsolution = ifo.beam_trace_path(q_at_L0, ifo.L0.p1.o, ifo.ETMx.p2.o, direction='x')
ysolution = ifo.beam_trace_path(q_at_L0, ifo.L0.p1.o, ifo.ETMy.p2.o, direction='x')
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