Commit 5c2b4796 authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown Committed by Sean Leavey
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more usefull error message on symbolic eval math errors

parent 6f3b1c90
......@@ -310,10 +310,13 @@ class ModelElement:
self._params_changing = set(
p for p in reversed(self.parameters) if p.is_changing
self._params_evald = { (p.value.eval() if hasattr(p.value, "eval") else p.value)
for p in reversed(self.parameters)
self._params_evald = {}
for p in reversed(self.parameters):
self._params_evald[] = (p.value.eval() if hasattr(p.value, "eval") else p.value)
except ArithmeticError as ex:
ex.args = (f"Error evaluating {p}: {str(ex)}",)
raise ex
def _clear_changing_params(self):
"""Sets the set `self._params_changing` and the dict `self._params_evald` to None
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