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      Finally fixed re-implementation of "asymmetric" beam traces · cf503beb
      Samuel Rowlinson authored
      Beam traces with symmetric=False option were left in an unfinished state
      after I re-implemented the beam tracing code with TraceTrees and the
      TraceForest many months ago. This commit now addresses several of the outstanding
      issues with these asymmetric traces.
      Any nodes which can't be reached directly in an asymmetric trace will now be
      placed in a new, "backwards" tree in the forest. This simply means that, if
      there is a coupling from the unreachable node to its opposite, then this
      abcd matrix coupling will be used in a new inv_transform_q call for setting
      the q at the unreachable node. And if there is no such coupling, then the
      q of this unreachable node will be set to the reverse (i.e. -q* as in symmetric
      traces) due to no other option being available at that point.
      This asymmetric tracing is still thoroughly untested at this point, but it can
      now at least be used and tested.
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