Commit 119b87a2 authored by Anna Green's avatar Anna Green

updated setup() to now restore masses at end of function. updated fix_masses()...

updated setup() to now restore masses at end of function. updated fix_masses() and added restore_susp() to do this. Also modified remove_IMC_HAM2() to add the FI dbs into the PRC block if HAM2 is removed, so setup() still runs & we still have a REFL port
parent 4b9d488e
......@@ -193,10 +193,21 @@ class ALIGO_IFO(IFO):
This function will iterate through the main mirrors
and remove any suspension settings on them. This can be
done individuallly or for z, pitch, and yaw.
kat code for the original attr commands is returned in a
dict object separated into z, pitch and yaw.
for mirror in ["ETMY","ETMX","ITMY","ITMX","PRM","PR2","PR3","SRM","SR2","SR3","BS"]:
mirror = self.kat.components[mirror]
if mirror.mass != None: old_attr['z'].append(mirror.mass.getFinesseText()[0])
if mirror.zmech != None: old_attr['z'].append(mirror.zmech.getFinesseText()[0])
if mirror.Iy != None: old_attr['pitch'].append(mirror.Iy.getFinesseText()[0])
if mirror.rymech != None: old_attr['pitch'].append(mirror.rymech.getFinesseText()[0])
if mirror.Ix != None: old_attr['yaw'].append(mirror.Ix.getFinesseText()[0])
if mirror.rxmech != None: old_attr['yaw'].append(mirror.rxmech.getFinesseText()[0])
if z:
mirror.mass = None
......@@ -209,6 +220,29 @@ class ALIGO_IFO(IFO):
if yaw:
mirror.Ix = None
mirror.rxmech = None
return old_attr
def restore_susp(self, old_attr, z=True, pitch=True, yaw=True):
This is a pair function to fix_mirrors.
It will restore any suspension settings previously stored as kat code strings
in a dict object of format
This can be done individuallly or for z, pitch, and yaw.
if z:
for ii in old_attr['z']:
if pitch:
for ii in old_attr['pitch']:
if yaw:
for ii in old_attr['yaw']:
def lengths_status(self):
......@@ -256,8 +290,9 @@ class ALIGO_IFO(IFO):
spaces between the laser and HAM2 and PRC. Assumes spaces exists
with name and node:
sHAM2in and node nIMCout
sPRCin and node nHAM2out
If removing HAM2, adds a replacement dbs, `FI`, directly before the PRM,
to restore the REFL port.
This function alters the kat object directly.
......@@ -272,7 +307,11 @@ class ALIGO_IFO(IFO):
if removeHAM2:
self.kat.nodes.replaceNode(self.kat.sPRCin, 'nHAM2out', 'nLaserOut')
# self.kat.nodes.replaceNode(self.kat.sPRCin, 'nHAM2out', 'nLaserOut') #without FI restoration.
s sIO 0 nLaserOut nFI1
dbs FI nFI1 nFI2 nHAM2out nREFL
""",addToBlock='PRC') #dummy space needed between mod2 and FI.
def remove_FI_OMC(self, removeFI=True, removeOMC=True):
......@@ -1327,7 +1366,7 @@ def setup(_base, DC_offset_pm=20, verbose=False, debug=False):
base.removeBlock('powers', False)
base.phase = 2
susp_attr = base.IFO.fix_mirrors()
kat = base.deepcopy()
......@@ -1365,4 +1404,6 @@ def setup(_base, DC_offset_pm=20, verbose=False, debug=False):
#the lock block of the kat
lock_cmds = base.IFO.add_locks_block(locks, verbose=verbose)
return base
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