Commit 17111dc5 authored by Sean's avatar Sean

Change default grid setting

parent 276ea547
......@@ -441,7 +441,7 @@ class KatRun(object):
yaxis=None, legend=True, loc=0, title=None, styles=None,
ylabel=None, y2label=None, xlabel=None, x2label=None,
xlim=None, x2lim=None, ylim=None, y2lim=None, return_fig=False,
xscale=None, y1scale=None, y2scale=None, grid=True):
xscale=None, y1scale=None, y2scale=None, grid=False):
This will generate a plot for the output data of this particular pykat run.
It will attempt to generate a plot that shows all the various traces and plots
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