Commit 3036275b authored by Michele Valentini's avatar Michele Valentini

fixed typo in the B1p signal definition for AdV

parent e1cf9867
......@@ -1354,7 +1354,7 @@ def make_kat(name="avirgo_PR_OMC", katfile=None, verbose = False, debug=False, k
# Useful signals
kat.IFO.B1 = Output(kat.IFO, "B1", "nB1")
kat.IFO.B1p = Output(kat.IFO, "B1", "nSR2")
kat.IFO.B1p = Output(kat.IFO, "B1p", "nSR2")
kat.IFO.B2_f1 = Output(kat.IFO, "B2_f1", "nB2", "f1", phase = 174.75)
kat.IFO.B2_f2 = Output(kat.IFO, "B2_f2", "nB2", "f2", phase = 49.94)
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