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Commit 69c1a9a8 authored by Sean Leavey's avatar Sean Leavey


parent 05829002
"""Finesse command line interface
Sean Leavey
from __future__ import print_function
import sys
import numpy as np
import click
from . import __version__
from .finesse import kat as katparser
@click.command(help="Python interface and tools for FINESSE")
@click.argument("file", type=click.File())
@click.option("--xstart", type=float,
help="Simulation start value. If specified, this overrides the xaxis start "
"value specified in the parsed file.")
@click.option("--xstop", type=float,
help="Simulation stop value. If specified, this overrides the xaxis stop "
"value specified in the parsed file.")
@click.option("--xsteps", type=int,
help="Number of steps to simulate between --start and --stop. If specified, "
"this overrides the number of xaxis steps specified in the parsed file.")
@click.option("--xscale", type=click.Choice(["lin", "log"]), help="Scaling for the xaxis.")
@click.option("--trace", type=click.Choice(["tem", "cavity", "mismatch", "beams", "gouy",
"coupling", "modechanges", "nodes", "all"]),
multiple=True, help="Show simulation trace results: "
"'tem': list TEM modes used, "
"'cavity': cavity eigenvalues and other parameters, "
"'mismatch': mode mismatch parameters for the initial setup, "
"'beams': beam parameters for every node, "
"'gouy': Gouy phases for all spaces, "
"'coupling': coupling coefficients for all components, "
"'modechanges': mode matching parameter changes during calculations, "
"'nodes': nodes found during cavity tracing, "
"'all': all trace results.")
@click.option("--maxtem", type=str, help="Maximum transverse electric mode. Can be either "
"an integer or 'off'.")
@click.option("--ignore-block", "ignored_blocks", multiple=True,
help="Ignore the specified block. Can be specified multiple times.")
@click.option("--plot/--no-plot", default=True, show_default=True,
help="Display results as figure.")
@click.option("--save-figure", type=click.File("wb", lazy=False),
help="Save image of figure to file.")
@click.option("--kat-path", type=click.Path(exists=True), envvar="KATPATH",
help="Path to Finesse 2 directory. If not specified, the "
"environment variable KATPATH is searched.")
@click.version_option(version=__version__, prog_name="Pykat")
def cli(file, xstart, xstop, xsteps, xscale, trace, maxtem, ignored_blocks, plot, save_figure,
"""Base CLI command group"""
kat = katparser()
has_xaxis = hasattr(kat, "xaxis")
if xstart is not None or xstop is not None or xsteps is not None or xscale is not None:
if not has_xaxis:
click.echo("Limits can only be overridden when an xaxis is defined in FILE.",
# Override xaxis.
limits = kat.xaxis.limits
set_limits = False
if xstart is not None:
limits[0] = xstart
set_limits = True
if xstop is not None:
limits[1] = xstop
set_limits = True
if xsteps is not None:
kat.xaxis.steps = xsteps
if xscale is not None:
kat.xaxis.scale = xscale
if set_limits:
kat.xaxis.limits = np.array(limits).astype(float)
if maxtem:
kat.maxtem = maxtem
if trace:
traceval = 0
if "all" in trace:
traceval = 255
traceints = {"tem": 1, "cavity": 2, "mismatch": 4, "beams": 8,
"gouy": 16, "coupling": 32, "modechanges": 64, "nodes": 128}
for tracetype in trace:
traceval |= traceints[tracetype]
kat.trace = traceval
if ignored_blocks:
for block in ignored_blocks:
results =
if kat.trace:
if has_xaxis:
if plot or save_figure is not None:
results.plot(show=plot, filename=save_figure)
if save_figure is not None:
click.echo("Cannot plot or save figure without an xaxis defined in FILE.",
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -5,4 +5,5 @@ six
\ No newline at end of file
click >= 7.0
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -49,5 +49,10 @@ setup(
'console_scripts': [
'pykat = pykat.__main__:cli'
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