Commit 89c6bf26 authored by Daniel Toyra's avatar Daniel Toyra

Improved the mode matching function"

parent 06aebbea
......@@ -621,20 +621,23 @@ def modematch(kat, components, cavs, node, verbose = False):
Nc = len(cavs)
Np = len(components)
kat1 = kat.deepcopy()
kat2 = kat.deepcopy()
# Storing parameters to tune, and their initial values, in lists
attrs = []
attrs2 = []
p0 = []
for c in components:
if isinstance(kat1.components[c], pykat.components.lens):
elif (isinstance(kat1.components[c], pykat.components.mirror) or
isinstance(kat1.components[c], pykat.components.beamSplitter)):
elif isinstance(kat1.components[c],
# Switching off cavity commands for cavities not in cavs
for cav in kat1.getAll(pykat.commands.cavity):
......@@ -685,26 +688,26 @@ def modematch(kat, components, cavs, node, verbose = False):
# Setting new parameters to kat-object
for k in range(Np):
if isinstance(attrs[k], pykat.components.lens):
attrs[k].f = out.x[k]
elif isinstance(attrs[k],
attrs[k].L = out.x[k]
elif (isinstance(attrs[k], pykat.components.mirror) or
isinstance(attrs[k], pykat.components.beamSplitter)):
attrs[k].Rc = out.x[k]
if isinstance(attrs2[k], pykat.components.lens):
attrs2[k].f = out.x[k]
elif isinstance(attrs2[k],
attrs2[k].L = out.x[k]
elif (isinstance(attrs2[k], pykat.components.mirror) or
isinstance(attrs2[k], pykat.components.beamSplitter)):
attrs2[k].Rc = out.x[k]
if verbose:
print('Maximum mismatch: {:.2e} --> {:.2e}'.format(mm0.max(),
for c in components:
if isinstance(kat.components[c], pykat.components.lens):
print(' {}.f: {:.5e} m --> {:.5e} m'.format(c, kat.components[c].f.value, kat1.components[c].f.value ))
print(' {}.f: {:.5e} m --> {:.5e} m'.format(c, kat.components[c].f.value, kat2.components[c].f.value ))
elif isinstance(kat.components[c],
print(' {}.L: {:.5e} m --> {:.5e} m'.format(c, kat.components[c].L.value, kat1.components[c].L.value ))
print(' {}.L: {:.5e} m --> {:.5e} m'.format(c, kat.components[c].L.value, kat2.components[c].L.value ))
elif (isinstance(kat.components[c], pykat.components.mirror) or
isinstance(kat.components[c], pykat.components.beamSplitter)):
print(' {}.Rc = {:.5e} m --> {:.5e} m'.format(c, kat.components[c].Rc.value, kat1.components[c].Rc.value ))
print(' {}.Rc = {:.5e} m --> {:.5e} m'.format(c, kat.components[c].Rc.value, kat2.components[c].Rc.value ))
return kat1
return kat2, out.x
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