Commit c883d364 authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown

Slight changes to bug fix

parent 82b2d8f0
......@@ -1527,13 +1527,14 @@ class laser(Component):
self.__power = Param("P", self, SIfloat(P), canFsig=True, fsig_name="amp")
self.__f_offset = Param("f", self, SIfloat(f), canFsig=True, fsig_name="freq")
self.__f_offset = Param("f", self, None, canFsig=True, fsig_name="freq")
self.__phase = Param("phase", self, SIfloat(phase), canFsig=True, fsig_name="phase")
self.__w0 = Param("phase", self, None, canFsig=True, fsig_name="w0", isPutable=False, isPutter=False, isTunable=False)
self.__z = Param("phase", self, None, canFsig=True, fsig_name="z", isPutable=False, isPutter=False, isTunable=False)
self.__noise = AttrParam("noise", self, None)
self._svgItem = None
self.f = f
self._default_fsig_param = self.__f_offset
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