Commit ca5272c2 authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown

updating knm test case

parent d44a01aa
import pykat
from pykat.optics.knm import *
from pykat.optics.knm import plot_knm_matrix, knmHG, makeCouplingMatrix
from pykat.optics.maps import *
import numpy as np
q1 = pykat.BeamParam(w0=5e-2, z=0)
q2 = pykat.BeamParam(w0=5e-2, z=0)
C = makeCouplingMatrix(10)
R = max(q1.w, q2.w)
q1 = pykat.BeamParam(w0=5e-2, z=0)
N = 500
dx = R*6/N
m = surfacemap("empty",
"phase both",
size=(N, N),
center=((N+1)/2, (N+1)/2),
step_size=(dx, dx))
C = makeCouplingMatrix(2)
K = knmHG(C, q1, q2, surface_map=m)
K = knmHG(C, q1, q1, surface_map=m)
plot_knm_matrix(C, abs(K))
\ No newline at end of file
plot_knm_matrix(C, abs(K))
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