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Commit ea867696 authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown

parakat fixes

parent 878c7040
......@@ -101,12 +101,20 @@ class parakat(object):
if func is None:
func = _run
kat.IFO._IFO__kat = None # can't pickle stored kat
kat_IFO = None
if hasattr(kat, 'IFO'):
kat.IFO._IFO__kat = None # can't pickle stored kat
kat_IFO = kat.IFO
os.getcwd(), *args, **kwargs))
kat.IFO._IFO__kat = kat
if hasattr(kat, 'IFO'):
kat.IFO._IFO__kat = kat
self._run_count += 1
def getResults(self):
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