Commit 54764895 authored by Sean Leavey's avatar Sean Leavey

Add support for overriding FINESSE_DIR

parent f52f96d3
......@@ -59,11 +59,19 @@ from .finesse import kat as katparser
@click.option("--save-figure", type=click.File("wb", lazy=False),
help="Save image of figure to file.")
@click.option("--display-graph", is_flag=True, help="Generate and display model node graph.")
@click.option("--finesse-dir", type=click.Path(exists=True, file_okay=False, dir_okay=True),
envvar='FINESSE_DIR', help="Path to directory containing the Finesse 'kat' "
"executable. If not specified, the environment variable FINESSE_DIR is used.")
@click.version_option(version=__version__, prog_name="Pykat")
def cli(file, simulate, xstart, xstop, xsteps, xscale, noxaxis, trace, powers, maxtem,
deriv_h, lambda0, ignored_blocks, plot, save_figure, display_graph):
deriv_h, lambda0, ignored_blocks, plot, save_figure, display_graph, finesse_dir):
"""Base CLI command group"""
kat = katparser()
if finesse_dir is None:
# Use default as required by kat object.
finesse_dir = ""
click.echo("Using kat binary in %s" % finesse_dir)
kat = katparser(katdir=finesse_dir)
has_xaxis = hasattr(kat, "xaxis") and not noxaxis
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