Commit d76cd885 authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown

Fixing problem with map reading reported by Terra. Issue with numpy 1.12...

Fixing problem with map reading reported by Terra. Issue with numpy 1.12 enforcing int types in array indexing
parent d612ed3d
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import unicode_literals
__version__ = "1.0.18"
__version__ = "1.0.19"
# This flag is used to switch on the gui features in pkat at import time
USE_GUI = False
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ class surfacemap(object):
# Checking so new suggested "center" is within the the mirror surface
if (x0new>0 and x0new<self.size[0]-1 and y0new>0 and y0new<self.size[1]-1 and
self.notNan[round(y0new), round(x0new)]):
self.notNan[int(round(y0new)), int(round(x0new))]): = (x0new, y0new)
self._xyOffset = (offset[0], offset[1])
......@@ -870,7 +870,7 @@ class surfacemap(object):
# z-value at centre of the data-grid. Serves as initial guess for deviation
# from z=0, if no other first guess is given.
if zOff is None:
zOff =[round([1]), round([0])]
zOff =[int(round([1])), int(round([0]))]
# If fitting center of the sphere, four variables are fitted. Initial guess
# of deviation from notNan-data-grid-center: (x0,y0) = (0,0).
......@@ -1090,8 +1090,8 @@ class surfacemap(object):
x0 = round([0])
y0 = round([1]) =[y0-R:y0+R+1, x0-R:x0+R+1]
self.notNan = self.notNan[y0-R:y0+R+1, x0-R:x0+R+1] =[int(y0-R):int(y0+R+1), int(x0-R):int(x0+R+1)]
self.notNan = self.notNan[int(y0-R):int(y0+R+1), int(x0-R):int(x0+R+1)]
# Centering the new cropped map and restoring offset
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