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Commit 1c49f226 authored by Phil Jones's avatar Phil Jones

Fix tests that use a 2-axis beam sweep in Finesse3

parent fcf0211c
......@@ -128,6 +128,20 @@ def runkat(katfile):
data = []
for name, el in ifo.model.elements.items():
if isinstance(el, finesse.detectors.ComplexCamera):
# The camera is a little weird, as it's really 2 beam sweeps.
# It's not guaranteed to be the only detector, but it's the way
# most (all?) of these tests are, so we just assume that it is
axes = [el.x, el.y]
outfile = [[] for ax in axes]
d = out[name]
for idx in np.ndindex(d.shape):
for ax, val in enumerate(idx):
for idx, ax in enumerate(outfile):
outfile[idx] = np.array(ax)
if isinstance(el, finesse.detectors.Detector):
d = np.array(out[name]).flatten()
if (not isinstance(el, finesse.detectors.PowerDetector)
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