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Commit 2ade3590 authored by Phil Jones's avatar Phil Jones

Change error message on large relative difference.

`` now prints the row with the largest relative difference,
rather than the first one with a difference > diff_rel_eps.
parent 88452d24
......@@ -160,10 +160,11 @@ def diff(katfile,finesse3=False):
diffFound = True
print("Difference larger than " + str(diff_rel_eps))
# store the rows which are different
ix = np.where(rel_diff >= diff_rel_eps)[0][0]
print('Refernce Array: '+str(ref_arr[ix]))
# Print the row with the largest difference
ix = np.unravel_index(np.argmax(rel_diff), rel_diff.shape)[0]
print('Reference Array: '+str(ref_arr[ix]))
print('Output Array: '+str(out_arr[ix]))
print('Max relative difference: '+str(np.max(rel_diff)))
raise DiffException("Difference larger than " + str(diff_rel_eps), katfile)
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