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      Remove anti-pattern of classmethods · 4c054494
      Edward Fauchon-Jones authored
      The `Spec` class family were originally set up to work using class
      methods. This was natural because each `Spec` derivative only
      represented a single field.
      With the addition of the `Amplm` and `Phaselm` specs, this was no longer
      true, with each of these specs required to represent a collection of
      fields. While initially attempted to use instances for these `Specs` and
      classes+classmethods for the remaining specs, to much off the logic
      required casing on the `Spec` being an instance of class, it was decided
      to only use classes and classmethods.
      In the end this resulting in a massive anti-pattern, defining a class
      factory in place of instance initialisers in the `Amplm` and `Phaselm`
      classes, and a general bad logic. It made sense to use classmethods
      before, but in no longer did.
      This commit refactors most classmethods as instance methods (with a
      couple left as classmethods because theydo not reference the parent
      object, and could infact be staic methods). While a couple of
      expressions required additional `()` to instance `Specs`, overall the
      logic has been greatly simplified and actually demonstrated that the
      classmethod paradigm previously used had significantly little benifit.
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      Add error for out of range strain mode order · 63de1fb9
      Edward Fauchon-Jones authored
      Add error to handle case when absolute value of the mode's order
      exceeds its degree.
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      Add strain modes (specs, creation, lvcnrcheck) · 41e31138
      Edward Fauchon-Jones authored
      - Specs have been added that represent phase and amplitude modes.
      - 5 degrees with everyone order of phase and amp modes fields are now
        created by `createValidSim`
      - `lvcnrcheck` looks for and validates phase and amp modes.
  13. 09 Dec, 2016 1 commit